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artlessBastard originally opened as a pop-up space on Feb 1, 2018, but thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, we quickly moved into a larger, permanent gallery by May of the same year! Our mission is to provide artists a new spot to show their work and fund their talent. Our founders are all working artists who know the struggle to support oneself in the early stages of creative pursuits and, after achieving some success of their own, want to help pay-it-forward by providing others an affordable alternative to conventional gallery space.

As of October 23rd, 2019 artlessBastard has a new owner! Alexis heard about the possible closure of the gallery and immediately knew she was meant to take it over. The gallery was the first to accept a piece of her fine art photography work and showcase it after she had been out of the state for fifteen years in Portland, Oregon. She had felt lost trying to find where she fits into the art community and in her community in general. Moving to a new city, even if it is your home state, still made her feel alone and unsupported at times. Starting over and building new roots takes time and is a struggle. artlessBastard was the breath of fresh air to let her know there was a welcoming, fun, and supportive art scene in the area. 

Her goal is to continue having monthly gallery exhibits along with artist talks, workshops, special events, and a curated selection of fine art gifts. Everyone is welcome and everyone can and should enjoy the emotions, beauty, and inspiration for art. Let's keep connecting!

Recent projects include Downtown Faces Forward

Artless Bastard owner Alexis Arnold said her gallery at 353 Main Ave. in De Pere is more than a place to view the artwork. It also supports the artists who show their work. “The artists set their own pricing and receive a commission from each sale, including items in the gift shop. We work together to support one another.” Most of the gallery operations have gone online now, including the next art exhibit opening. #downtownfacesforward

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