• Frank Juarez

    Artdose Magazine is an independent print and digital art magazine committed to being inclusive and advocating for the visual arts in Wisconsin.
  • Public Art by Tamara McLean

    Public Art Project Overview: Green Bay Metro and the Green Bay Public Arts Commission were seeking for artwork that is high quality, engaging, positive, and reflects concepts of Green Bay, community, Wisconsin, unity, and positivity. Selected work by the artist, Tamara McLean, included "Fishbowl by the Bay" and "Metro."
  • Environmental Graphic Design

    The vision of Freedom House is to provide shelter so all families are safe and warm—ending homelessness in Northeastern Wisconsin. 

    DePere Art Center envisioned a bright and welcoming environment where people could find hope and work to free themselves from poverty.

  • Jenna Kast

    "The work I create is colorful, interpretive, and free-flowing. My self-taught style has been developed through exploration of the natural interaction of paints and pigments, and the inspiration of natural colors and movement that have positive effects on our mood and emotions. I often use a combination of fluid painting techniques, along with texture-giving brushwork and light-catching metallics.

    My work is inspired and motivated by positive energy I gather from experiences, exploration, the natural world, and often - music. I believe that art takes on the energy under which it was created, and I try - through my color choice, painting methods, and state of mind - to imbue each piece with positive and happy vibes so it can bring that energy to your home."

  • Alexis Arnold

    As of October 23rd, 2019 artlessBastard has a new owner! Alexis heard about the possible closure of the gallery and immediately knew she was meant to take it over. 
  • Tamara McLean

    A design professional for over 30 years, Tamara McLean’s portfolio includes a diverse and comprehensive list of design projects. Her most recent work includes public art installations, gallery showings, and branded environmental graphics displayed in corporate spaces.